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Jul. 1st, 2009


things are just not right in ways somehow. ((:

i don know. thing is just not in the right way it should be. from sunday? u just go against whatever i do. nevermind. maybe u are just tired. is alright. i didnt mean to say those things at night before i left home. is just because of anger and stuff. and i bet tat u will think of it more after tat second i say out. my goodness. regret tat i actually say out. i also think that it'll be the issue u will bring out whenever thing isnt right for us. but please, don bring it out again. and i don wish to come true too. unless u wish that it will come true. haha. then i got nothing to say. ((: i really appreciate tat accompaany. feel sorry and guilty from holding u back from your work on that friday. if i didnt encourage you to take mc that day. all wont happen. good that your god father bring you to on the right track. great tat you enjoyed yourselve in the hotel today. after i thought back for those things and those word you say. do touches me somehow. thanks for doing everything for me. and i don think u made a wrong choice, or a wrong move that you will just regret. unless u really think so. kays. maybe i just need more confidence and secure toward our relationship. that's what actually it's lacking for. quick amend it. ((: but i think things are getting back on track soon? shall n ot think so much and going to bed now. good night, loves. misses. love you still. muacks.. xoxo. ((:

May. 2nd, 2009



it PH today.! 1st of may. labour day. meet up with dar as early as 7a, at JE train station.
then we took 176 over to west coast park for mac breakfast. happy meal!! hehs. after eating we went for a morning wall at the park itself. then we headed over to town. we reached town like damn early. alighted at luckyplaza, then we walk to paragon, slack ard awhile but it seems to be too early. so we walk toward PS. while walking, we pass by istana, so we decided to go in, since is public holiday and it don open daily. so we went. haaas. still remember one year ago one this day our class gathering over there. haas. went in and we walk ard, took some photos. then we went off to the cathay, but too early. none of the shop is open. so no choice but to take bus to far east for lunch. hehs. saw MS LAU!!! she cut her hair short, damn short. hehs. she's as good. then after eating, walk ard, got my litumum girl boxer. thanks dar. hehs. then we took bus back to cathay. but too bad, the person not working today. means got to go back another day. hehs. after tat we got to leave cos dar still got work at 2pm plus. so we went off at ard 1.45, he heading work and i heading home to meet my mummy and siss, she getting her new phone.pixon. good then. nothing much. but i think my this PH is well spend. loved. ((: those pictures below are taken today at the istana. haas. ((:

Apr. 19th, 2009


updates for goodness

ohh my tian. is so long since i last update can. nothing much to update actually just still the same. attachment ended - but i somehow don seem to be free. i also don know why. nevermind. wedding dinner photos. genting trip. i just so nice and sweet. other than all these. i enrol for mdis diploma course. nothing else i already i think. i need to work. there's a long list of stuff i wanna get. how how how? any one wants to employ me? i'm so free for job now la. june then school starts. ((: kays. i shall let the pictures do the talking. ((:

Mar. 14th, 2009

sick. -.-

work as usual. i work only like 2 days this week.
haas. work on tuesday afternoon shift and wednesday 7am to 3pm shift.
haas.then thursday started to have fever. *shake head.
tot i can continue to work. but couldnt. so went to consult the doctor,
and i have got 4 days mc can. -.- plus so many medicine. *faint.
then so left work ard 5 plus.meet up with love at the bus stop.
then took 96o together lo. ohh gosh. that bus trip back is really terrible la.
super scary can. *shake head. all of a sudden, my vision turning black,
i couldnt hear any sound when the surrounding is super noisy. very crowded.
almost faint can. luckily i'm not alone when going home la. if not i also don know how already.
love was scared by me can. he say i totally turn pale la. so colourless and my pinkish palm were all damn white.
after getting down the bus, then i feel better and felt the blood flowing all ard. haas.
tat experience is damn scare la. so stay home, after eating the medicine then went to bed already. haas.
friday, suppose to do my presentation in school one. but too sick to go to school.
thanks alot to ms deon for the understanding. hehs. after tat meet love for dinner. then home. too restless already.
today, i'm home-ed from morning lo. wake, take medicine and continue to sleep like a pig.
*laugh. haas. hopefully i will get well soon. so that my throat wont hurt more. ((:

haas. now i know why the doctor gave me 4 days mc already. haas. ((:

Mar. 10th, 2009

family day loves.

haas. got my leave(Annual.L) and off straight for three day. hehs. saturday,sunday and monday. loves. hehs. saturday is our monthsary. he came over quite early. meeting at lot1 to replace my ez-link card. haas. then buy lunch and back to my aunty house. after eating, we start putting in photos to the album tat he've bought. haas. ard 1 plus, left home to bugis just to take neo prints. haa. cos he couldn't take a day off. haas. after he left for work, meet up with lan lan to lot 1 again. haas. shop ard then back to her place.. chat too. hehs. then help at the temple tat. back ard 1 am plus. hehs.
sunday. wake early. ard 1oam plus. then ard 12plus headed over to ecp with my aunties,uncle and cousins first. cycle and stuff. then love came over after his work, ard 3 plus. haas. cycle together, bulid sandcaslte and have fun la. ahaas. i think everyone really having fun la. pinic is alway loved. hehs. after tat, my mummy drive him home before driving us home. hehs.
monday. meet up with shaf and ayu. hehs. went to johor for SHOPPING!! haas. party stuff for pretty. hehs. then i got some dvds. haa. got ah bun too. thank you ayu!! ((:
shall update morre soon. tired. here i come! my bed!! ((:

Mar. 2nd, 2009


lovely outing.

days pass by so fast can. already 2nd of march can.
this week shift is morning! meet me soon. kinda free.
haas. ytd finally get to meet most of my lovelies.
when to k box together with all and love. haas. finally
get to meet. haas. thanks for no torture! love you guys. hehs.
((: nice outing with lovelies. hehs. hopefully all can meet up on tuesday!!
nth much. need to rush for my IA report and presentation. -.-
everyone take cares.
weather aint good recently.
rainy days- remember ur umbrella. ((:
drink more water please. hehs.

* shocking stuff.
my mummy somehow agree to let me study for that one year imi program can.
4oK. half a year at sim and half a year switzerland. woohoo.
but don know to be happy or wat.

Feb. 19th, 2009



the absent makes ppl misses more.
haas. different shift also aint tat bad actually.
hehs. mc today. due to sore eyes. haas. so meet
small eyes for lunch. went jp then back to ps. cos i need
to get the camera. haas. so nice la. then he got me the film.
haas. ate cartel. nice. hehs. then he went to work while i went back
to PS to get the stuff for his present and order the cake. haas.
got m)phosis slipper too. so many things today. haas. then meet yi dan
to cheenatown to get her cheong sam. haas. then back home, fall asleep while
lying down on my bed. *laugh.

past happening.
wake and meet up under my blk.
went over to vivo. have lunch at the shanghai cafe. asian something one.
haas. then we walk ard. did some shopping but didnt get anything. haas.
just got a precious moment bowl for my 4th aunty anniversary present. haas.
after getting we went to have bens and jerry. haas. chocolate fudge brownie,
strawberry cheese cake and mango sorbet. haas. loved! then after eating we went to raffles city
to get chocolates. loads of chocolate can. then we drew the comic drawing portrait. haas. *laugh.
then we went over to hospital to visit my uncle. haas. my aunt is happy to receive the present. haas.
spread the loves. hehs. then after tat we went town for the neo print!! haas. then dinner at bakerzin @ paragon.
nice!! haas. then back to tay tay's place. need to help up as is a saturday night. hehs. that's all for that day ba. hehs.

other than tat i'm like meeting him everyday can. -.- haas. good companion to be with!  a makan khaki, shopping khaki, movie khaki!!
good right. haas. ((:

Feb. 7th, 2009


life moves on..

meet up at town, went over to look for my lovely ms may.
hehs. chat awhile then got to leave to get my mummy's present.
went burberry and gucci. haas. but in the end got her a gucci one. nice.
it just suit her. haas. so after buying we went to waruka for my all time fav. pasta!
lols. we got strawberry dessert too. then after eating, we left for work.
after work train back to give mummy her present. she's sososo happy can.
she loves the bag. happy to see her so happy. hehs. then my daddy insisted on her
driving me back to my aunty house. hehs. ((: then online then bed.
he waited for me at void deck then acc me to the doctor for my chicken pox jab.
haas. got my mc. lols. initially should be working. so he prepared my dinner.
haas. *sweet. laugh. he woke up damn early to cook a causual and nice fried rice
for me to bring to work to eat for my dinner. haas. so after having my jab, we went over to
bp cc to apply course for youfang and cheng dong. after which we went to plaza to have our lunch.
walked ard then went in cafe cartel for lunch. hehs. nice. mango again! haas.
after eating he went home, and i went back to sleep again. haas. damn tired.
dinner, my maid helped me to heat up the rice. haas. it smells good and taste good as well.
loved. lols. then meet up with vera and keat. then went over to coffee bean over at railway mall.
lols. ms may arhs. haas. nvm la. no worries. we can meet up soon some day one. ((:
you're missed and loved too. take care. kays. xoxo.
- and tay tay. haas. faster finish ur project then got more time to play. haas.
nvm, will get to see you tml. ((:
- moo moo cow. so long since i last seen you too.. meet up soon, i wanna go ikea soon to get some stuff.. ((:
so sorry. not i don wanna help you to entertain your friends that are coming down to pub tml. is just that i need to go temple there to help out.
plus i have not been drinking for more than 4 months i think. suddenly take in so much i'm afraid that you must take care of me more than i take care of you la. hehs. ok la. don angry. kays. don drink too much tml. kays. love you too. ((: xoxo.

Feb. 5th, 2009



recalls wat's happening past few days.
hehs. on chu 4 was home in the afternoon then
went over to my 2nd aunty house. then meet small eyeS for
dessert at lot1. lols. walk ard then back to my aunty's place.
chu 5 went to pray tai sui at boon lay then tay tay house.
waited for him to end work then meet at cwp for pizza. cos i'm craving for it.
haas. then back to tay tay house for mahjong while he went to have his bball game.
lols. chu 6 start of work. damn sians. haas. work then after work went over hoe's house.
was so crowded la. haas. damn alot of peeps. then we chatted on phone. haas. then after he hung
was like 1plus 2 already. then we were quite hungry i think. so we headed over to EAT at railway mall.
haas. bought him a can of coffee for keep him awake during his meeting for supervisor. haas.
after eating, keat drove me and vera home. hehs. thank you. then slept for an hour, got to wake for work. haas.
damn pro. it wasnt tat tiring. after work. waited for him then we left to JP for dinner. haas.
new york new york. the staff there damn jia liat. no good. haas. as usual i ate my half chicken pasta. nice nice.
hehs. then i left to tay tay's place for chu7 got prayer ma. hehs. while he left to his aunt's place.
one week just past like this. damn scary fast. haas.
monday, another week of work again. damn sian. haas.
not much happening. hehs.
tuesday, meet him at plaza then took bus together to far east..
get my stuff done then have lunch and waffles!! chocolate overload and caramel fudge brownie.
haas. then headed to work.
wednesday, which is today. haas. meet at west mall area then went csc
for some bowling. lols. ya. bowling. faint. haas. he made breakfast. not bad arhs. haas. lols.
then after few games, we got to rush to work. haas. then it rains at bugis when we reach there. -.-
luckily there's umbrella. if not i think we will be all wet. haas. ((:

*just ignore the post. just some random updating. haas.

Jan. 29th, 2009

cny holiday.

haas. chu er, woke up early to weixiong's jiu gong house to bai nian.
haas. then after tat to seng kang then simei to bai nian. after tat back to my mummy's place.
as in my place la. lols. al come over, slack chit chat, makan.. haas.
small eyeS came over too. fetch him from down stair. lols. he also damn shy like me.
lols. he's like blushing. -.- he ask me to touch his heart tat is beating damn fast la.
super funny. cant stop laughing. we were outside my place ard the lift area.
until my 2nd aunty came, so he say no choice liao. just go in. haas.. lols. damn funny.
then we play cards with the kids. hehs. he's cute and nice. ((:
then we left to mulan's house there. go bai nian we ah pek 1st.
then we go over to mulan's place for mahjong. haas.
mahjong till 3am plus then we cab home. sleep.
then he woke up damn early la. 1oam plus. haas. na de leis. haas.
so pig de me sleep till 12pm plus.. haas. then i prepare till 1 plus then meet small eyeS
at jp for lunch. haas. we both wear till damn black la. two blackie. haas.
 went to crystal jade for porridge. nice nice. haas. chinese tea.
lols. then we headed to town for our movie. loves. we watched love matter.
funny show. just somehow abt sex and betray and stuff la. lols.
had mango ice and black pepper chicken chop rice at hk cafe. haas.
after movie, we went over to timah for some pool. haas. after playing,
we have dinner cum supper at alzhar. prata for me and beef curry soup for him.
haas. longan spin and mango spin is lloved. next time i go there i will drink mango spin and not
milo- dinosaur already. hehs. then we headed home after that. haas. ((:
ohh my tian. he were like saying we are meeting almost everyday. *laugh.
before our ph and off day, we see each other at work. lols.
we actually suppose to only meet on chu3 for movie.
but we met on chu1,chu2 and chu3. lols. haas.
ok la. enough of craps. lols. saw keat and vera, joshua too. haas.
joshua go tell vera they all i'm with someone. then the two of them just walk over
just to see. -.- haas. cute leis. lols. ((:

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